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             Mold Faq
            What is PET?  
            What is PET resin?  
            How to drying PET resin?  
            How to identify PET?  
            What main features of PET?  
            What is the recycle PET?  
            What is acetaldehyde?  
            The PET lifecycle video  
            What are steps for PET bottle production?  
            The different grade of PET resin  
            How to minimize the AA generation?  
            How to make PET preform?  
            How the AA affects PET container?  
            PET containers and the environment  
            Two ways for blow molding  
            The number of mold cavities  
            Injection molding machines dedicated to making preforms  
            HyPET Systems  
            Preform mold technology increases flexibility reduces cost  
            Advantages of hot runner systems  
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