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            Bottle is a polyester material container,it has many special grades and can be offered according to the client's requirements.
            There is one characteristic of bottle, which is the product that made form it will be clear and transparent. The surface is smooth and sparking, which can attract the buyer′s attention. This makes the bottle a delicate product. One the other hand, although the bottle can create a similar sensation just like glass. It's not fragile as glass. The wall is strong and tough, which appears the excellent unbreakable container. It is apparently the strongest material.
            Bottle Description
            We can provide an efficient concealed cooling system to make bottle. The machine can avoid them from drooling, which is a new technology. All the services we provide are cost efficiency and help to reduce the client's budget. Moreover, the customer can design the size and dimension according to the marketing purpose while our engineer will fully support the idea and drawing of bottle. Because of the flexibility of the bottle; it can shape into any desire type base on the specification.

            The lightweight of the bottle is another special advantage. It is easily to carry while it is much lighter than the other materials, which can also help to reduce the shipping fee while it is in large amount shipment. Although it is lighter, the bottle is still strong enough to bearing the outside impact. The wall is thinner, which can deduct the weight while it can provide a high strength without breaking easily.

            The bottle can also maintain the cleanness of the environment, because it can be recycle and be reused. The enterprise will surely prefer it product due to the environment issue is becoming an important matter. It will be popular by the buyer. Even if the bottle is burned as trash, it won't produce any poison smelling. The bottle will be the best choice.
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